Tag: Biblical Studies

  • Fitzmyer for Free

    This month, Verbum has Joseph Fitzmyer’s Impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Paulist, 2009) available for free. The $0.99 companion volume is Fitzmyer’s Interpretation of Scripture: In Defense of the Historical-Critical Method (Paulist, 2008). Verbum products will download, integrate, and run with Logos-branded engines and base packages also.

  • Advent @Logos

    For Advent, Logos Bible Software is providing an additional and daily free or discounted book and media deal. Today’s book freebie is N. T. Wright’s Scripture and the Authority of God (SPCK, 2005).

  • Journal of Biblical Literature 133, no. 2

    The Journal of Biblical Literature 133, no. 2 includes: Joram Mayshar, “Who Was the Toshav?” Amitai Baruchi-Unna, “Two Clearings of Goats (1 Kings 20:27): An Interpretation Supported by an Akkadian Parallel” Ryan E. Stokes, “Satan, Yhwh’s Executioner” Saul M. Olyan, “Jehoiakim’s Dehumanizing Interment as a Ritual Act of Reclassification” John L. McLaughlin, “Is Amos (Still) among the…

  • Emanuel Tov Online

    Emanuel Tov has posted a number of his publications online in openly-accessible, PDF format. Hearty thanks to Dr. Tov for this contribution to digital scholarship in biblical studies. HT: Tommy Wasserman.