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  • 12 Reasons You Need to Read Your Bible

    12 Reasons You Need to Read Your Bible

    Critical biblical scholarship is irreplaceable. But even when you do this, there are 12 reasons you still need to read your Bible.

  • How to Expand Your Research Materials with Libraries

    How to Expand Your Research Materials with Libraries

    Expanding your research materials doesn’t have to break the bank. So much is already available through the libraries you have access to.

  • Daily Gleanings (30 May 2019)

    Roger Pearse discusses the King James Version and provides a good deal of interesting material about the translation principles and procedures behind it. AWOL highlights the open access “Digital Biblical Studies” series: The series aims to publish the latest research at the intersection of Digital Humanities and Biblical Studies, Ancient Judaism, and Early Christianity in…

  • Bartholomew on “What the World Needs from Christian Academics”

    Faithlife Today has posted a clip that mostly contains an interview with Craig Bartholomew about “what the world needs from Christian academics.” The post is dated 11 October 2017, but interview seems to have been recorded some time ago, before Bartholomew’s move to the Kirby Lang Institute and seemingly also before the publication of his introduction…

  • Theology’s Hermeneutic Interest

    H.-G. Gadamer concludes his essay on “The Universality of the Hermeneutical Problem” by commenting on the importance of language, with an interestingly theological turn. Gadamer suggests, The … building up of our own world in language persists whenever we want to say something to each other. The result is the actual relationship of men to…

  • Free and Trial Biblical Studies Tools

    Mark Hoffman has updated his previous list of “free Bible software and trial versions” to include some of the more recent additions in the space, as well as a number of online resources. For further discussion, see also Trial versions of Biblical Studies software, Logos 7 academic basic, and Logos 7 Basic for free.