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  • Read the Original Languages in Logos—without Cheating

    Read the Original Languages in Logos—without Cheating

    Biblical studies software can be a helpful tool—sometimes too helpful. Here are 5 steps to help you read original languages in Logos without cheating.

  • Daily Gleanings: Insights (23 August 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about the benefits of learning biblical languages and how to cultivate more insightful work.

  • Syntax Search Tutorial for Logos

    Logos Bible Software appears to have started releasing an updated set of tutorials about syntax searching. For the first installment, see SoundFaith. For the prior series from 2015, see YouTube. For related discussion, see also Searching Highlights in Logos and Why Searching Shouldn’t Replace Reading.

  • Logos 7 academic basic

    In addition to Logos 7 basic, Logos 7 academic basic is available for free. Resources included in the package are sufficient to get one’s feet wet with the principles of how research in and with biblical languages work in Logos—namely: Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew lexicon Lexham Bible Dictionary Septuagint (Lexham English and Swete Greek editions) Lexham Hebrew Bible Greek…