Tag: Biblical Backgrounds

  • Daily Gleanings: Ptolemy IV (31 October 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about the recent discovery of the tomb of Ptolemy IV Philopater.

  • Price and House, “Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology”

    Due out this November is Randall Price and Wayne House’s Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology. According to the book’s blurb, The Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology includes an introduction to the field of archaeology for readers who might not be familiar with the methods, practices, and importance of this area of study. Included in this section…

  • Primary literature reading schedule

    Over at the Logos Academic Blog, Shawn Wilhite has posted a detailed discussion of the primary literature reading schedule he’s been maintaining. Something of this nature, tailored to particular personal interests, commitments, etc. is certainly a worthwhile discipline to develop, and Wilhite’s post provides some good grist for the mills of those who may want…

  • Qumran Cave 12: Update 3

    Discussion of the recent Qumran-vicinity cave finds since the previous post tracking the story here includes: Ami Magazine (HT: Lawrence Schiffman): Information about the new cave find with a fuller discussion of matters related to earlier Qumran-vicinity finds. In the cave’s apparently blank parchment fragment, Schiffman also suggests we find evidence for how demonstrably later forgeries could…

  • Geffcken, Oracula Sibyllina

    Internet Archive has Johannes Geffcken’s critical edition of the Sibylline Oracles (Leipzig, 1902) in full-text PDF.

  • Niese’s and Loeb’s Josephuses

    All seven volume’s of Niese’s edition of Josephus’s works are available online. Most are available on Internet Archive in both black-and-white and full color. But, for volumes 2 and 5, one has to go to the black-and-white text only scans on Google Books: Several of the Loeb series volumes are aggregated on Loebolus: