Daily Gleanings (6 June 2019)

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Timo Paananen has had is doctoral dissertation accepted at the University of Helsinki. The project is “A Study in Authenticity: Admissible Concealed Indicators of Authority and Other Features of Forgeries—A Case Study on Clement of Alexandria, Letter to Theodore, and the Longer Gospel of Mark.” The project is openly available online.


Mike Aubrey compares Brill’s new Dictionary of Ancient Greek with LSJ. Mike concludes:

Brill’s Dictionary of Ancient Greek makes major improvements over LSJM. If you’re a Greek student and find yourself wondering how a word is used beyond the New Testament and what BDAG provides, Brill GE is the best choice. It has excellent coverage, is easy to use, provides accessible citations and translation, and is generally far more usable.

For the full discussion including several helpful details, see the full essay at theLAB.