Tag: Art

  • Vatican Museum

    Sometime since I last visited, the Vatican Museum has substantially upgraded its website. The site now features a conveniently static central area to display a high-resolution image of a given piece in the collection. HT: AWOL

  • Fujimura's Illuminated Gospels

    To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the King James Version in 2011, Crossway released an edition of the English Standard Version’s Gospels illuminated by Makoto Fujimura (cloth, leather). A short introduction to the project is available below (HT: Bryant Owens): [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eeGbVXM4fY&w=560&h=315] On February 18, 2011, Fujimura discussed the project in an interview on Fox News…

  • Upcoming Logos Resources

    Recently, a number of noteworthy works have come into Logos Bible Software’s prepublication and community pricing programs. On the prepublication program are collections about biblical backgrounds (9 vols.; T. & T. Clark), the Prophets (16 vols.; T. & T. Clark), the Writings (5 vols.; T. & T. Clark), Old Testament literature and linguistics (7 vols.; T. & T. Clark), Hebrew Bible (7 vols.; T. & T.…