You're ready to push your research farther with this online library guide.

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The Internet is a massive library.

On it, there are huge numbers of resources useful for your work in biblical studies and legitimately available.

But it can sometimes be hard to find what you need because there's simply so much there.

And while you need to do your own research, you don't have to search on your own.

This open online library guide already contains hundreds of resources that are pertinent to work in biblical studies, and I'm continuing to add more.

That way, you have a ready reference for them that you can use to find what you need quickly—not spend hours searching again for things I've already come across.

Who am I?

My name is David Stark. I'm a research professor of biblical studies, and I want to help you hone your craft as a biblical scholar so that you can focus your attention on the people and projects that matter most.

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