The SBL Greek New Testament Is Available for Download

Edited by Michael Holmes and produced in conjunction with Logos Bible Software (affiliate disclosure), the SBL Greek New Testament is openly available for download in Logos, PDF, XML, OSIS, SWORD, CROSS, and Plain Text formats.

HT to Mark Hoffman for noting this new edition’s open availability.

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7 responses to “The SBL Greek New Testament Is Available for Download”

  1. Kirk Lowery Avatar
    Kirk Lowery

    Are there any reviews yet about the quality and principles of the editing, scope of the apparatus, etc.?

    1. David Stark Avatar

      I haven’t seen any reviews yet, but the introduction is available on the website. Details are somewhat sparse, but the “Establishing the Text” and “Apparatus” sections do provide a bit of additional information along the lines of your question. At least at some point, though, it would be nice to see something along the lines of Metger’s Textual Commentary published for this edition also, at least where it differs from UBS4NA27.

      1. David Stark Avatar

        Well, I take that back. Here are some initial impressions from Stephen Carlson.

        1. Kirk Lowery Avatar
          Kirk Lowery

          Thanks. Carlson’s blog post was just what I was looking for. Links to more info, too.

          1. David Stark Avatar

            Indeed. Glad to hear it! 🙂

  2. OSNOVA Avatar

    Here is the free Kindle edition of SBLGNT from OSNOVA.

    Complete description is at

    You can download it for free from Google at

    OSNOVA’s Kindle edition of the SBL Greek New Testament provides an excellent formatting and navigation. The OSNOVA Kindle edition incorporates an active table of contents, a 5-way controller navigation between chapters and books, a cross-reference system between the Bible text and the apparatus, and the innovative navigation aid called Direct Verse Jump 2 (DVJ-2), which makes it easy to open any Bible verse in mere seconds. The complete instructions on how to use all navigation aids in this publication are found at the beginning of the book.


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