The SBL Greek New Testament in PDF

The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition is now available in PDF format through a 5.55 MB ZIP file download. For those who missed getting a hard copy in Atlanta, this version appears exactly to reproduce the print version.


    1. Good question. I haven’t yet seen where anyone’s made available a full list of the 540 or so places where SBLGNT’s text differs UBS4-NA27’s. In the few places where I’ve had occasion to compare the two thus far, they’ve been identical. I’ve seen some text-critical discussion about some of these choices (e.g.), but nothing full-fledged yet. So, I’m reserving judgment on that point for now. 🙂

      As far as the apparatus goes, however, I do much prefer seeing the manuscript witnesses themselves (UBS4-NA27) to seeing what text critics have decided about them (SBLGNT). The “GNT edition” approach in SBLGNT apparatus is helpful, I think, as an index to other major GNT versions, particularly where they differ and where one might want to look into the manuscripts for those variations more carefully. But, I’d still have to prefer UBS4-NA27 overall. How about yourself? Have you had a chance to look through SBLGNT yet?

  1. I did not arrive at SBL in time to pick up one of the free copies, regrettably. I’ve glanced at the pdf version a couple of times (and the sample when it was first released) and, like you, still prefer the UBS4. There is certainly some value in the SBLGNT but I don’t think it will eclipse the UBS4-NA27.

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