The “Eisenhower matrix” via Evernote

On the Evernote blog, Taylor Pipes has a helpful crash-course in the “Eisenhower matrix.” As Pipes notes, this diagram’s four-squares is perhaps better known from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. In discussing the matrix, Pipes notes,

If you’re tackling the matrix for your professional goals, you may start to see that many of your to-dos are in quadrants one [important, urgent] and three [urgent, not important]. The biggest payoff comes from actions in the second quadrant [important, not urgent]. These are the goal-setting and evaluation of business objectives that impact the long-term success of a business, yet, they are rarely classified as urgent.

For the full discussion, see Pipes’s original post. Or, for still further treatment, and connection with other helpful habits, see Covey’s book.

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