A Westminster Bookstore Blog Partner Program Automatic Link Builder for Firefox

Tommy Keene notes the revival of an automatic link builder for Firefox and the Westminster Bookstore’s blog partner program. Tommy’s earlier Firefox search bar add-on for the Westminster Bookstore is also a very helpful tool.

Bock, Theology of Luke and Acts

In the second volume to be released in Zondervan’s Biblical Theology of the New Testament series, Darrell Bock takes up Luke and Acts. On the text’s product page, the Westminster Bookstore has assembled a 5-part playlist of YouTube interviews from Zondervan about the volume.

Pillar Commentaries at WTSBooks

In recognition of the release of Colin Kruse’s Romans volume in the Pillar New Testament Commentary, the Westminster Bookstore is running several sales, including: An extra 10% off any two or more individual Pillar volumes 40% off Kruse’s Romans volume 50% off the currently 14-volume Pillar series as a whole Kruse’s new volume replaces Leon Morris’s 1988 […]