Journal of Biblical Literature 130.3

The fall issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature includes: James Watts, “Aaron and the Golden Calf in the Rhetoric of the Pentateuch” Mark Leuchter, “The Ambiguous Details in the Blasphemer Narrative: Sources and Redaction in Leviticus 24:10–23” Serge Frolov and Allen Wright, “Homeric and Ancient Near Eastern Intertextuality in 1 Samuel 17” C. L. Crouch, “Ezekiel’s […]

Journal of Biblical Literature 129.3

The fall issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature includes: Jewish Scriptures and Cognate Fields Jonathan Burnside, “Flight of the Fugitives: Rethinking the Relationship between Biblical Law (Exodus 21:12–14) and the Davidic Succession Narrative (1 Kings 1-2),” 418–31 Michael Carasik, “Why Did Hannah Ask for ‘Seed of Men’?,” 433–36 Steven L. McKenzie, “Elaborated Evidence for […]

Journal of Biblical Literature 128.4

The winter issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature includes: New Testament and Cognate Fields Edna Israeli, “‘Taxo’ and the Origin of the Assumption of Moses,” 735–58 Edward P. Dixon, “Descending Spirit and Descending Gods: A ‘Greek’ Interpretation of the Spirit’s ‘Descent as a Dove’ in Mark 1:10,” 759–80 Matthew Gordley, “The Johannine Prologue and […]

Journal of Biblical Literature 128.3

The fall issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature is due to be released shortly. This issue includes: New Testament Jason Hood, “Matthew 23–25: The Extent of Jesus’ Fifth Discourse,” pgs. 527–44 Adela Yarbro Collins, “Mark’s Interpretation of the Death of Jesus,” pgs. 545–54 N. Clayton Croy, “The Messianic Whippersnapper: Did Jesus Use a Whip […]