Biblioblog Top 50 (September, 2010)

September’s Biblioblog Top 50 is available. Despite Joel Watt’s slippage to third in the overall rankings, his blog continues to hold the lead among the top ten student biblioblogs: Student Overall Author(s) Blog Alexa Score 1 3 Joel L. Watts The Church of Jesus Christ 128485 2 5 Scott Bailey Scotteriology 173966 3 11 Jeremy […]

And I Was Just Getting Used to the 15th Edition

The 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style is, however, now available. Among other updates, this edition boasts Chicago’s first explicit guidelines for citing Kindle editions and publications (§§14.166; A.38). Although I have yet to be able to examine this new edition first-hand, on a cursory perusal, these guidelines appear mainly to be an […]

Biblioblog Top 50 (August, 2010)

Jeremy Thompson has August’s Biblioblog Top 50 available. Jim West remains in the top seat this month, despite Jeremy’s temporary coup d’état that had crowned Joel Watts. Still, Joel’s matriculation to United Theological Seminary earns him the top slot on August’s list of the top ten student biblioblogs. The full top-ten list is as follows: […]

Putnam, A New Grammar of Biblical Hebrew

Fred Putnam’s New Grammar of Biblical Hebrew is now out, and the grammar should be available from the Westminster Bookstore sometime next month. According to the publisher, This is a Hebrew grammar with a difference, being the first truly discourse-based grammar. Its goal is for students to understand Biblical Hebrew as a language, seeing its […]

Göttingen May Be Fairly Close After All

A while back, when I finally decided to preorder the Göttingen Septuagint from Logos before the initial, pre-publication special ended, and when I did so, I was quite prepared to wait several years before this resource actually went through and came out of development. Yet, earlier today, I happened to stumble across this on the […]